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4X50 R.N.P. Finely Distilled Superior Rum 700ml

  • World’s best Fairtrade-certified Demerara molasses from Mauritius
  • No added sugar
  • 82% distilled with perfection by our master distiller Hans Reisetbauer
  • Blended with six rums from carefully selected distilleries from Jamaica, Guyana, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Guatemala
  • Mixed in 8.000L wooden casks from Pichon-Longueville, one of the great wineries of Bordeaux
  • Seasoned in 500L wooden casks of Ysper oak

Alcohol volume: 40.5%

Delivery time: 1 – 3 working days

Volume: 700 ml

Base price: 1 l = 241.43 €

169.00 €

incl. tax, free shipping

Experience new flavours

light amber, smoky notes, delicate caramel, spicy aromas, hints of orange zest

extremely complex but balanced, hints of exotic fruits, smoky, pure sugarcane notes

delicate, multi-layered, very long, impressive finish

What others say about 4X50 R.N.P. superior rum

„The resulting premium rum inspires not only by its elaborately designed bottle. With a sugar content of less than three grams per liter, it is far different from the well-known rum brands. Fans of Rhum Agricole, on the other hand, will be more than thrilled.“

– Mario Mirschberger,

„In general, the product is very well thought out. From the quality to the bottle design to the marketing. The price of 178 francs is moderate compared to other premium rums.“

– Benjamin Herzog,

The end result is a soft, fine, noble rum that smells of tonka beans and brown butter and is reminiscent of crème brûlée and tobacco on the palate. (...) The goal is to conquer the world market. In purely qualitative terms, there's nothing to be said against it.“

– Florian Holzer,

Uniquely crafted by master distiller Hans Reisetbauer

Hans Reisetbauer is one of the world’s greatest distillers, a master craftsman with a relentless drive to innovate. To realize his vision of the perfect rum, he designed the most sophisticated distillery ever built. Reisetbauer spent more than ten years unlocking the Rum's secrets. The result is a premium rum of the highest quality, elaborated down to the last detail - 4X50.

The world's best Demerara molasses becomes 4X50 Premium Rum

The perfect rum begins with the perfect molasses. Hans found a Demerara molasses of the highest quality in Mauritius, where a Fairtrade-certified collective of small farmers produces a style that is elegant, fine and flowery. For the perfect water, Hans tapped his secret Alpine source, a primary rock massif formed during the tertiary period.

The high degree of granite in the rock gives the water an exceptional softness. Two innovative stills and an especially programmed computer system at the Reisetbauer distillery created the possibility to ferment the molasses using different yeasts at different temperatures. Blended for more than two months in 8000L Pichon-Longueville casks, then matured in 500L casks of the finest Ysper oak, the final product is our amber 4X50 Premium Rum.

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Known from

The Rum Council sets a new standard for high quality rum

4X50 established the exclusive Rum Council with 50 of the world’s top chefs, sommeliers, mixologists and experts to set a new standard for qualitative rum. Individuals such as Tim Raue, Cornelia Poletto, Juan Amador and the honorary chairman Eckart Witzigmann are exclusive members.

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