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4X50 R.N.P. Finely Distilled Superior Rum 700ml

  • World’s best Fairtrade-certified Demerara molasses from Mauritius
  • No added sugar
  • 82% distilled with perfection by our master distiller Hans Reisetbauer
  • Blended with six rums from carefully selected distilleries from Jamaica, Guyana, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Guatemala
  • Mixed in 8.000L wooden casks from Pichon-Longueville, one of the great wineries of Bordeaux
  • Seasoned in 500L wooden casks of Ysper oak

Alcohol volume: 40.5%

Delivery time: 1 – 3 working days

Volume: 700 ml

Base price: 1 l = 228.43 €

159.90 €

incl. tax, free shipping

light amber, smoky notes, delicate caramel, spicy aromas, hints of orange zest

extremely complex but balanced, hints of exotic fruits, smoky, pure sugarcane notes

delicate, multi-layered, very long, impressive finish

„Der daraus entstandene Premium Rum begeistert nicht nur durch seine aufwändig designte Flasche. Mit einem Zuckergehalt von unter drei Gramm pro Liter, ist er weit von den bekannten Rum-Marken entfernt. Fans von Rhum Agricole werden hingegen mehr als begeistert sein.“

– Mario Mirschberger, Esquire.de

„Allgemein ist das Produkt sehr durchdacht. Von der Qualität über das Flaschendesign bis hin zur Vermarktung. Der Preis von 178 Franken ist verglichen mit anderen Premium Rums moderat.“

– Benjamin Herzog, Falstaff.ch

„Das Endergebnis ist ein weicher, feiner, edler Rum, der nach Tonkabohnen und brauner Butter duftet und am Gaumen an Crème brûlée und Tabak erinnert. (…)  Ziel ist die Eroberung des Weltmarkts. Rein qualitativ spricht nichts dagegen.“

– Florian Holzer, Falter.at

The Product Story

Tradition and modernity live in perfect harmony on Hans Reisetbauer’s land in Axberg, Upper Austria. Like the 14 generations of Hanses before him, the current head of the family is a farmer through and through. But he is also a distiller—one of the world’s greats, in fact—with a relentless drive to innovate in pursuit of his idea of perfection.

The quest for the perfect rum began more than 10 years ago with a search for the world’s best molasses. After much travel and endless tasting, Hans found a Demerara molasses from Mauritius. 

Having found the perfect molasses, Hans needed the perfect water. For this, however, there was no need to search. Hans tapped a pure (and secret) Alpine source that he knew from long experience could not be matched. Thanks to the high degree of granite in the rock, the water is extraordinarily soft, with minimal iron, lime and sodium content and a pH level of less than seven. 

Perfect molasses and water are the just preconditions, of course. The magic—not to mention the art, science and possibly religion—happens in the new distillery, which is why Hans approached the design of it with a passion bordering on obsession. 

“All is completely new, designed from the ground up,” says Hans. “Some people say we are control freaks, but we only want to find the taste, nothing else. And so, the machine works for us. We control all our steps.” 

In his cellars, Hans and team meticulously log and store the 500L casks of rum distilled from four different yeast fermentations. After much waiting and tasting, Hans brings his selection of all four rums together in the Pichon-Longueville casks for a ‘cuvée’ that defines the 4X50 style. For additional character and edge, the four rums, which together comprise 82% of the final 4X50 blend, are mixed with rums from six carefully selected distilleries—two from Jamaica and one each from Guyana, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

“Others think we’re a little crazy because they don’t understand us and how we work,” Hans explains.

From the beginning, 4X50 was conceived as a social rum, global but placeless, contemporary but ageless. “The biggest story for us,” says Hans, “is the story of taste and flavor. And we have a taste and flavor—so many different flavors—that nobody else has. So it’s a rum like an extremely high-quality wine. You open the bottle, you put it in the glass, you philosophize and you play with ideas”