4X50 by design

The Bottle

A rum as exceptional as 4X50 needs a bottle to match. Alex Wiederin—the New-York based creative director known for his work with Givenchy, Cartier, and the Casamigos Tequila brand launched by Georgy Clooney—collaborated with Stölzle Glass Group to develop the ideal bottle. The award-winning glass manufacturer uses a state-of-the-art flint glass furnace and Cold End inspection to ensure extremely accurate dimensional measurements. From within their factory in England, a distinctive container emerged: Balanced, smooth and refined, with the curvature and character to contain 4X50.

The Details

Details make the difference. The labels, made with off-cuts of goat leather from Fellow Markus Meindl’s family leather business, which dates to 1683, are lasered with the 4X50 logo, a sword-crossed ‘X’—a knightly symbol of friendship—designed by creative director Alex Wiederin. To seal the bottles, Lanza Metallwaren, known for their high-quality non-ferrous metals, forge caps of chrome-plated brass.

The Packaging

Designed by renowned creative director Alex Wiederin and produced by paper innovators Flatz, the 4X50 packaging is not only first in its class but first of its kind. Made from cardboard off-cuts from Flatz’s own factory in Austria, the packaging is 100% recycled and FSC-certified. But what truly distinguishes it is the shape. A perfect fit for a perfect bottle, it is molded using thermoforming, a high-tech process typically reserved for plastics. The result? Packaging as eye-catching as it is durable,  with a rigid structure and a remarkably smooth surface. Because a rum like no other deserves it.

The Tasting Bottle

The 4X50 R.N.P. 50ml bottle is not simply a scaled-down version of the award-winning 700ml bottle or even a standard bottle. Rather, Alex Wiederin has expanded the 4X50 design family and created an independent design, inspired by, and interpreted in the sense of a modern pocket flask. Due to its special shape and volume, the 4X50 R.N.P. 50ml bottle is particularly suitable for minibars, airlines or as a gift set of 4x (“4X50ml”).

4x50 Supper Clubs

Festive celebrations of friendship and fine dining, 4X50 Supper Clubs are held at top restaurants around the world.

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